2006-06-01 -- iDPhoneCard Launches New Web Site


The new website has a fresh new look and the navigation system has been improved!


As you may have noticed, has changed. Our new web site has been designed to make it easier for you to find what you want, learn about the huge range of iDPhoneCard features, and manage your favorite long distance service more efficiently! /*****p align=justify*****/Some of our new features include:/*****ul*****//*****li*****/Fresh New Design/*****/li*****//*****li*****/Improved Navigation/*****/li*****//*****li*****/Instant Account Recharge/*****/li*****//*****li*****/Auto Recharge Feature/*****/li*****//*****li*****/Improved Call History/*****/li*****//*****li*****/Free Bonus iDMinutes/*****/li*****//*****/ul*****//*****p align=justify*****/We hope you enjoy the new web site. You can find more detailed information about key features of the new web site below. /*****br*****//*****br*****/Happy Surfing!/*****br*****/ Team/*****br*****//*****br*****/Your feedback is important to us!/*****br*****//*****br*****/At we welcome your comments and feedback. If you are experiencing any problems with the new web site please e-mail us at Please include a detailed description of the problem that you encountered as well as the URL of that page./*****br*****//*****br*****//*****br*****//*****br*****//*****b*****/New iDPhoneCard Features Include:/*****/b*****//*****br*****//*****br*****/-------------------------------------/*****br*****//*****br*****//*****b*****/Fresh New Design/*****/b*****//*****br*****//*****br*****/The new look and feel of the site breaks information up into more logical sections, making it easier for you to search for calling rates, instructions and other related information. The new web site also uses strong imagery, making the pages more visually appealing, and easier to read./*****br*****//*****br*****/-------------------------------------/*****br*****//*****br*****//*****b*****/Improved Navigation/*****/b*****//*****br*****//*****br*****/No one likes to get lost, and you should always know where you are on the new iDPhoneCard web site. You can easily search for different calling rates by using the drop-down menus found at the top of each page. Just select your origination and destination countries from the menus. The menu on the top right-hand side of the screen gives you access to main parts of the iDPhoneCard web site. Once you log in to your account, the menu on the bottom right-hand side of the screen allows you to edit your profile, recharge your account and manage your iDPhoneCard account more efficiently!/*****br*****//*****br*****/-------------------------------------/*****br*****//*****br*****//*****b*****/Instant Account Recharge/*****/b*****//*****br*****//*****br*****/Now you can recharge your iDPhoneCard account instantly by logging in to our web site and entering your primary phone number and password. You no longer need to wait for your account to be recharged manually by our Customer Support Department./*****br*****//*****br*****/-------------------------------------/*****br*****//*****br*****//*****b*****/Auto Recharge Feature/*****/b*****//*****br*****//*****br*****/To make your experience with iDPhoneCard even more convenient, we are pleased to offer a new automatic recharge service. If you decide to choose this service, each time your iDPhoneCard account reaches a pre-determined minimum balance, your account will be automatically recharged with a specific amount that you have pre-selected. For example, you may wish to have your account recharged by $30.00 every time your balance falls below $5.00. All recharges are automatically completed by the next day at 5 AM EST. You can also sign up for e-mail alerts and receive a notification each time your account balance has fallen below a certain amount. /*****br*****//*****br*****/-------------------------------------/*****br*****//*****br*****//*****b*****/Improved Call History/*****/b*****//*****br*****//*****br*****/Now you can access even more of your calling history. You can go back as far as one year and get access to all your call details. With your iDPhoneCard account you can review your call history and payments simply by using your username and password to log in to our web site. Here you can view your call history, including the phone number from where each call was made, the destination number, the charge for each call and your account balance. Unlike other rechargeable phone cards, an iDPhoneCard allows you to keep track of all your calls so you know exactly how your minutes are being used. /*****br*****//*****br*****/-------------------------------------/*****br*****//*****br*****//*****b*****/Free Bonus iDMinutes/*****/b*****//*****br*****//*****br*****/Collect iDMinutes just by using your phone card! You can collect long distance minutes by recharging your account for higher amounts ($50, $100 and $200), referring your friends, purchasing an iDPhoneCard and more!

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